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‘Hurry up! Go, go, go!': Utah officers jump into action to rescue girl trapped in submerged car

The two Tooele Police Department officers shot out the car’s back window and successfully pulled the 12-year-old girl to shore

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It was immediately clear how urgent the situation was.

Tooele Police Department

By Sarah Roebuck

TOOELE, Utah — Officers with the Tooele Police Department jumped into action to rescue a 12-year-old girl who was trapped in a sinking car in a reservoir.

Body-worn camera video shows the intense moment when bystanders waved down the responding officers and showed them the area where the car went underwater in the Settlement Canyon Reservoir, KSL-TV reports.

It was immediately clear how urgent the situation was.

The officers exited their cruisers and ran down to the edge of the water where the mother was screaming for help. The video shows the car was already underwater.

“Is it underwater?” an officer is heard asking a bystander.

“Yes,” the person said.

The officers radioed for more help.

As the officers prepped to go into the water, the body camera fell onto the grass, but the dash cam video shows officers jumping into the reservoir.

Within five minutes, officers find the car and attempt to break the window.

“Give me goggles. Anybody got goggles? Hurry up! Go, go, go!” one officer can be heard saying.

“Get me a pry bar; get me something to open the door!” another officer says.

As the officers are searching for something to break the windows, they decided they needed any type of object to break a window.

“Let’s get the back window right here. The gun! Give me the gun!”

The officers then shot at the window, successfully breaking it so they could pull the girl out of the car.

The girl was unconscious as officers pulled her to shore to revive her. The dash cam stops as officers work to save her.

The girl was not breathing when she was pulled out of the car, but officers were able to get her to breathe on her own after first responders performed CPR.

Police said as of Monday, the girl is recovering and it is believed the car accidentally rolled down the hill and into the reservoir.