Mich. cop newlyweds save man from OD on heroin

The man was found unresponsive without a pulse in the backseat of a car

By Police1 Staff

KENT COUNTY, Mich. — A deputy sheriff and paramedic, recently married, saved the life of a man who overdosed on heroin and was dropped at the fire station, FOX 17 reported.

Patrick Stewart, a Kent County Sheriff Department deputy, was visiting the Cutlerville Fire Department when someone began pounding loudly on the door. Outside, Stewart found a male unresponsive, not breathing and pulseless in the backseat of a car from an apparent heroin overdose.

Stewart removed the man from the car and started chest compressions.

"While I was performing chest compressions, my mind was set on making sure I'm doing it right, doing everything I can for this person, and the words running through my head were ‘c'mon breathe ... breathe,'" Stewart said. "It's very stressful having the patient’s friends behind me, watching over my shoulder crying and counting on me to bring their loved one back."

The patient regained a pulse as paramedics, including Stewart's wife Amanda, arrived on scene. Pat and Amanda married four months ago.


"As the ambulance pulled into the parking lot, she jumped out," Stewart said. "I remember seeing the look of determination on her face and I knew this patient was in good hands. My gut reaction was just to look at her and say 'let’s do this.'"

Paramedics administered intravenous naloxone to the man, saving his life.

"I can't even explain fully how great we both feel after not just being part of saving this person's life but having the opportunity to do it together," said Stewart. "After the patient had gone to the hospital, we had sent a message to each other expressing how proud we are of each other. I’ll never forget coming home from our shifts, smiling, hugging, saying we love each other, and then a fist bump for Team Stewart."

In a 24-hour period last weekend, six individuals reportedly overdosed on heroin in Kent County. The Kent County Sheriff Department, along with several other agencies, is extremely concerned about this growing epidemic.

"This is a tough issue, seeing so many young people being hurt by heroin, but Pat and Amanda Stewart showed dedication and professionalism responding to this emergency and giving this man a second chance," said Kent County Undersheriff Michelle Young. "We are very proud of them for their hard work and commitment to saving lives."

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