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NYPD cop raises money for 4-year-old she saved in Times Square shooting

Dramatic video showed Officer Alyssa Vogel sprinting with the little girl in her arms

alyssa vogel times square shooting

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By Suzie Ziegler

NEW YORK — Officer Alyssa Vogel made headlines earlier this year after video showed her sprinting through Times Square with a 4-year-old shooting victim in her arms. Now, Vogel has gone above and beyond by raising money for the little girl’s medical expenses.

According to the New York Post, Vogel raised $3,000 for Skye Martinez’s family. Skye was standing with her family on May 8 when she was hit by a stray bullet that stemmed from an argument nearby, the report says.

On Friday, Vogel invited the Martinez family to visit her at NYPD’s Midtown precinct. There she gave them the check and organized a visit from a police horse, Little Joe.

“We were surprised when officer Vogel called us,” said Sonya Martinez, Skye’s mother, to the New York Post. “When we showed up at the precinct the officers were very kind. They hugged us and my daughter petted the horse.”

The gunman, 31-year-old Farrakhan Muhammad, was arrested days later in Florida, according to the report.

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