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Phoenix officer’s kidney donation gives young girl second chance at life

After two years, Officer Jackie Ravelo finally got to meet the girl she saved


Phoenix Police Department

Update: Officer Jaclyn Ravelo was named Officer of the Month in May of 2022 by the National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund for her heroic and selfless act.

By Suzie Ziegler

PHOENIX — Two years ago, Officer Jackie Ravelo gave up a part of herself to help her community – literally. But it wasn’t until this month that she finally met the young girl she saved.

It all began with a Facebook post. According to KTAR News, one of Ravelo’s former softball teammates, Becky Kopp, was looking for a new kidney for her young daughter. Lily Kopp, 10, was sick and needed a transplant.

Ravelo got tested and came back a perfect match. She underwent surgery to donate a kidney that saved Lily’s life, according to the report.

Ravelo said she was inspired by her own daughters.

“I have three daughters and you kind of put their face to that,” Ravelo told KTAR. “You know I can’t imagine the pain that Becky felt and wanting to make things better or do something that can help her.”

Ravelo and Lily couldn’t meet until two years after the surgery because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, they can speak face to face.

“I can’t express how meaningful it is and how amazing it is and how priceless it is. As a mother to a mother, you saved my baby,” Kopp told Ravelo at their reunion.

“I can speak for all officers that, you know, you want to help everybody, and you want to solve problems, and sometimes you can’t, so to me, it was just simple. How could I not do this?” Ravelo said.

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