Poem: Sacrifice

The public demands understanding, compassion and respect from officers – cops just want that in return

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This poem is by Robert McMillen who writes: "For me, law enforcement has always been something that becomes part of you, that draws you in. When reflecting upon my experiences, which are no different from countless others who do what I do every day, it’s impossible to not see the negative and suffering we all go through. To say it’s hard would be an understatement – not only for us but those we love and those closest to us as well.

"It’s not the pain of the exposure that forces officers out of their profession, but it’s the negative feelings and pressures they get from the public. For me, this poem is about offering an insight into our world and our pains, in the hopes of gaining understanding, compassion and respect from the public, the exact qualities the public demands of officers." 

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A stain on the soul,
loss of the self,
the life of police,
destruction of health.

When you peer from within,
it’s no secret to see, 
the cause of the death,
of all they used to be.

The victim of violence,
bleeding out on the street,
with fear in their eyes,
as their maker they meet.

Or the woman abused,
by the love of her life,
turns on the cop,
who arrests him for strife.

Or the pale blue baby,
whose no longer there,
the victim of a parent,
who fell into despair.

Just always remember,
when you see those in blue,
they take all your traumas,
so you’ll never have to.

So when you lay down your head,
at night safe at rest,
pray for those who give all,
so you can be blessed. 

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