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Trending Topics: When civilians come to aid of cops

By Police1 Staff

It’s a tough time to be a cop. But despite anti-police sentiment that can give officers the feeling that everyone is against them, the silent majority of the nation supports its police force. In this week’s Trending Topics, we take a look at five stories in which civilians not only supported their cops, but stepped in to defend them from harm.

Construction workers help Boston cop subdue suspect

The men stepped in after the suspect shoved the officer.

Good Samaritan disarms suspect who beat, shot at Ill. cops

With two Chicago cops beaten and on the verge of getting shot, Ray Robinson knew he needed to join the fray.

NY cop credits Good Samaritans for saving his life

Officer John Lomonico responded to an alarm going off at a residence when the struggle with an armed suspect began.

Good Samaritans tackle Texas man fleeing in stolen squad

A suspect who opened fire on an officer before fleeing in a squad car was taken to the ground by Good Samaritans.

UK teen tackles man who attacked cops

A 16-year-old came to the aid of police officers in England after a suspect fought with them during an arrest.