Video: Fla. cops save 3-year-old found floating in pool

“When I saw her take that breath, I really just thought it was a miracle,” Officer Robert Lindblom said

By Suzie Ziegler 

PENSACOLA, Fla. — 3-year-old who was found floating unresponsive in a pool last month is on her way to recovery thanks to two determined Pensacola police officers. Bodycam video released Monday by the Pensacola Police Department shows the officers racing to save her as she turns blue.

According to WEAR, the girl’s grandparents called 911 when they found her floating in their pool on June 13. Officers Robert Lindblom and Kyle Skipper immediately began life-saving measures. The girl wasn’t breathing and didn’t have a pulse, police said. 

“To be honest, my first thought was there was no way we were gonna bring her back because as purple and blue as her skin was, I thought for sure she was gone,” Lindblom told WEAR. 

Skipper turned her over and began slapping the girl’s back to try and clear her lungs and airway. 

“When I saw her take that breath, I really just thought it was a miracle,” Lindblom said. 

Both officers have children of their own, they told reporters. For them, this was personal. 

"I've got a 3-year-old girl, the same age, and a 4-year-old son. Yeah, it hits home," said Skipper. 

Medics arrived soon after to take the girl to a hospital. Doctors said it was a close call – the girl wouldn’t have survived if she’d gone any longer without oxygen, according to WEAR. The two officers added that they were able to respond faster than normal because they happened to be in the neighborhood on an unrelated call.


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