Video: Fla. officers revive choking child

The officers were praised by their department for their lifesaving efforts

Police1 Staff 

KISSIMMEE, Fla. — Five Kissimmee police officers are being heralded as heroes after body camera footage of their efforts to save a choking child began circulating on the internet. 

The video, which was released to the media Tuesday morning, shows mother Amanda Zimmerman running from her home and into the street to wave down a patrol car that was driving by after her young son MJ choked on a cracker and stopped breathing. As one officer begins attempting to clear the baby’s airway, another tries to calm Zimmerman while radioing for more assistance. 

Body camera footage shows Sgt. Craig Putriment using a CPR mask while another officer continued chest compressions until MJ began breathing again. Fox 35 News reports MJ was taken to the hospital where several of the officers came to visit after he was stable. 

Deputy Chief Betty Holland praised the officers for their quick response, telling Fox 35 News that saving MJ was a team effort. 

“It is amazing,” she said. “There’s no feeling like saving someone’s life and that’s what he did. That’s what they did.” 

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