Video: La. officers, good Samaritan stop woman from jumping off bridge

The officers clung to the woman for a minute and a half while they waited for backup; that's when a good Samaritan came to their aid

By Sarah Calams

BOSSIER CITY, La. — Intense dashcam footage caught the moment two officers and a good Samaritan saved a woman from jumping off a bridge Tuesday. reported that Bossier City Police received a call about a "suspicious person" on the Shreveport-Barksdale Highway bridge. Corporal Matthew Bragg was first on scene. In the video, you can see Bragg attempting to talk the woman down from the edge of the bridge. Seconds later, the woman tries to jump, but Bragg grabs and holds the woman against the side of the bridge.

"At that point in time, my only thought was to hold on as long as I possibly could," Bragg said.

After calling for backup, Officer Brandon Bailey arrives on scene and rushes to help Bragg. 

"That first moment when he said 10-18 I could tell something bad was going on," Bailey said. "I didn't pay attention if I put in park. I didn't pay attention if I closed the door. It was run and help out as much as I can."

The officers clung to the woman for a minute and a half while they waited for backup. That's when good Samaritan Rawlis Leslie, Jr. came to their aid.

"I hear him run up behind me, I take a look and all I hear is 'Can I help you?' and I think we both just out of desperation said, 'Yes, please,'" Bailey said.

With the extra help, they were able to pull the woman to safety. 

"The officers put their lives on the line to protect the woman's life. I commend them for their quick response and offer my gratitude to the good Samaritan who stopped to help them," said Chief Shane McWilliams.

The woman was not injured and was later transported to a hospital for an evaluation.

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