Video: NYPD officers scale bridge in rainy, slippery conditions to talk man down to safety

NYPD officers scaled the bridge hundreds of feet above the water to talk the man down to safety

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By Sarah Roebuck 

NEW YORK — NYPD officers talked a man down from a bridge in a daring rescue that was captured on body camera video.  

According to the department, officers received 911 calls about a man who was threatening to jump off the Williamsburg Bridge on Sunday. 

NYPD Special Operations Emergency Service Unit officers scaled the bridge hundreds of feet above the water in rainy conditions to talk the man down to safety.  

The body camera video shows the rescue unfold with officers calmly speaking with the man. 

“I’m here to help you, man. Talk to me. What’s your name?” an officer can be heard saying to the man.  

"Whatever you're going through, it happens to all of us, man. We gotta get you down from here," the officer continued. "But listen, we gotta do this carefully ’cause it’s raining. It’s super slippery so I care about your safety and my partner’s.” 

The officers then helped the man down to the ground safely.  


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