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Police officers are wired to help, not be helped; here are six ways to ensure your officers are supported in their time of need with tangible action items
Striking photos show once-vibrant neighborhoods reduced to ash and rubble; see how PDs are helping those in their time of need
Chief Todd Raybuck, who was accused of mocking Asian people on multiple occasions, denies all allegations of discrimination; the settlement does not carry an acknowledgment of guilt or liability
As of March 1, HPD employed 1,740 officers out of 2,177 positions for a vacancy rate of about 20%, union researchers found
Police Recruitment
“We prepare them for the rigors of the police academy and the policing profession, so that when they do enter into the recruit class they have the tools and skills to be successful,” Capt. Parker Bode said
“The Maui Police Department, in collaboration with other emergency response agencies, worked tirelessly to ensure the safety of our residents, coordinate evacuations, and provide support to those in need,” the report said
“Without our officers’ courageous actions and sacrifice, the situation could have been far worse,” Honolulu Mayor Rick Blangiardi said
“Naloxone is a necessary tool ... it should be available and accessible in as many places as possible, in the same way we have fire extinguishers and defibrillators in case of emergencies,” council member Tyler Dos Santos-Tam said
The video shows officers evacuating homes and businesses, taking injured people to hospitals and removing road barriers to allow people to escape
“From our estimation, had [the suspect’s] bullet struck just a few inches away, it could easily have gravely wounded, or even killed, the officer,” police said
Sheriff Kory Honea, whose department went through a similar disaster recovery, says “good old fashioned detective work” was key in locating survivors
Maui Police Chief John Pelletier repeatedly urges “patience, prayers and perseverance” as teams carefully search the ashes in the community of Lahaina
Officer Bill Sapolu’s final act of service was “donating his organs to save the lives of others,” his family said
The lawsuit claims the officers, who were in three vehicles, never commanded the driver to stop nor did they turn on their lights and sirens
An attorney said some of the officers allegedly returned to the scene of the crash and warned witnesses not to talk to investigators
Officer was pinned between his vehicle and a parked vehicle while directing traffic at an earlier crash in the Harano Tunnel
The agency has spearheaded creative recruiting efforts, including virtual career fairs and advertising for candidates before movie screenings
Officer Marc Guillermo, who hails from Hawaii but now lives in California, is using his hidden talent to show a different side of policing
“I’ve been an athlete my entire life,” said Alexa Jacobs, 27. “I didn’t think that would happen”
Alexa Jacobs, 27, was participating in a police academy exercise before she fell ill
Interim Chief Rade Vanic says many recruits left for “personal reasons”
49 city employees who refused to respond are facing disciplinary action, including termination
Prior to the shooting, the suspect had led officers on a high-speed pursuit, refusing commands to stop
Honolulu Prosecuting Attorney Steve Alm said he “didn’t find any evidence that race played a role in this case”
More than 300 community members and officers called for the prosecuting attorney to resign or drop the criminal charges
The suspect, who was driving a car that was reported stolen, led police on a pursuit prior to the shooting
‘Spot’ has primarily been helping at coronavirus screening sites for the homeless, police said
Special Agent John Bost III died inside a Hawaii police station after a rifle accidentally discharged, officials said