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In 2017 there were nearly 120,000 full-time law enforcement employees in California; roughly 78,500 were sworn LEOs and 41,000 were civilian staff. Of sworn officers, about 48% were municipal police officers, 39% were county sheriff officers and almost 10% were with the California Highway Patrol (CHP). Follow this page to keep track of law enforcement news, the latest police jobs and police department updates in the state of California. Learn how major events in California have changed the law enforcement landscape nationwide, including the Newhall incident in 1970, the Norco shootout in 1980 and the North Hollywood bank robbery in 1997.

The San Diego Police Officers Association and the National Law Enforcement Foundation share lessons learned from building the nation’s first law enforcement only childcare center
Although Det. Marcela Lopez didn’t try out to break barriers for women, neither is she shrinking from it
Officer Natalie Garcia seeks to bring effective communication and transparency to the department as its new PIO, with a unique understanding of the community she serves
Union leaders expressed gratitude for city leadership’s “strategic investment” in rebuilding the LAPD with benefits in its new contract
“Stealing is not OK. These people just go out and steal, not because they’re in need, because they can and they won’t get in trouble,” Sheriff Jim Cooper said
Bystander video shows officers deploying less lethal weapons before the man was shot by the officers
The fleet will consist of on-road and all-terrain vehicles, including Ford Lightning trucks, Ford Mustang Mach Es, Polaris Rangers and versatile all-terrain vehicles
“I think there’s a potential for danger,” Sheriff Vern Warnke said. “I think there’s a chance for our criminal element to grasp what’s going on”
A tax would be added to create a fund that would allow for minimum staffing limits to be set and increased until the department reaches 2,074 officers
When officers found the man walking on the sidewalk, the man had a stolen beer in one hand and a brick in another hand
The center will accommodate officers’ schedules and will cost about half of the market price for childcare services