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Watch: Police recruits just weeks into academy save boy trapped in car

Footage shows a panic-stricken mother asking the recruits for help after failed attempts to remove her disabled son from a locked car


Photo/YouTube via Fox 5 Atlanta

By Ashley Silver

ATLANTA — Three recruits in only week 19 of the Atlanta police academy have already made their mark in one community.

According to Fox 5 Atlanta, new recruits John De Forest, Kelton Hill and Daniel Boursiquot approached a vehicle after noticing a commotion in a restaurant parking lot during their lunch break. Footage shows the moment a panic-stricken mother asks the recruits for help after desperately trying to remove her disabled son from a locked car to no avail. The air conditioner in the vehicle was not on at the time and temperatures had risen to 90 degrees.

“When we checked in the vehicle, he wasn’t moving. He was like in a fetal position. She told us he had a respirator machine and the vehicle was off so [the respirator] wasn’t on,” Boursiquot told Fox 5 Atlanta.

“Once we saw he was in a fetal position, I tried to check for his chest to see if his chest was rising. I didn’t see his chest rise,” Hill added. They then noticed the boy was still breathing, but taking shallow breaths.

The recruits attempted to shake the vehicle to encourage him to rise from the floor, but the child did not react. The recruits managed to break the window and unlock the door using a baton.

The boy was free and safely in his mother’s arms within three to five minutes, but for the recruits, it seemed like an eternity.

“Every minute felt like an hour,” Boursiquot told Fox News 5. “Our main concern was to get the child out of the vehicle to see if he was responsive. So as soon as the door opened, we saw him moving a little bit. So we were all calm after that.”