Watch: Troopers rescue 6 people, including baby, from vehicle trapped in rushing flood waters

Arizona Department of Public Safety troopers used a helicopter to reach the vehicle

By Ashley Silver

MARICOPA, Ariz. — Stunning video released by the Arizona Department of Public Safety captured the moment troopers rescued six people from the roof of a vehicle trapped in raging flood waters.

AZ Family News reports the Arizona Department of Public Safety troopers were called to assist the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office after they were alerted about the stranded vehicle. The troopers used a helicopter to locate the car, lower themselves to the vehicle, and place one trooper on the car’s roof to assist with lifting the adults and children to safety. At one point, the troopers can be seen hoisting a baby up, letting fellow officers know they’ll need items to help cover the children once they are safely in the helicopter.

“I need blankets and a warm place to put these kids,” one trooper states on the video, while a second trooper throws down life vests for the women and children.

The two adults, a man and woman, were also able to climb into the chopper safely.

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