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Video: Texas officers save life of choking boy, get a hug in return

Officers Jason Wright and Dalton Schroeder used a combination of back blows and pumps on a LifeVac device to clear 4-year-old William’s airway

By Joanna Putman

AUSTIN, Texas — Newly-released video shows Austin Police Department officers saving the life of a 4-year-old boy who was choking, FOX 7 Austin reported.

Officers arrived at a residence on Feb. 16 where William, 4, was possibly choking on a piece of candy, his mother, Guadalupe Romero, told FOX 7.

“I started seeing blood coming out, and I panicked myself, too,” said Romero. “And then I started seeing his lips start getting purple, and he was trying to lie down and close his eyes.”

Officer Jason Wright immediately began to deliver back blows to William, while Officer Dalton Schroeder retrieved a LifeVac device from the back of the cruiser, according to the report.

“We’re usually the first ones there just because there’s so many of us on the street, as opposed to EMS, where they usually have one bus or fire may have one truck,” Wright said. “And then we start to handle the problem first.”

Video shows Wright laying William on top of a metal utility box. Schroeder then applied the LifeVac device and attempted to pull the blockage out of William’s airway.

After several pumps of the LifeVac device, Wright delivered more back blows. When William was still unable to breathe after several back blows, he was placed back on the box. After more pumps of the LifeVac device, the blockage was cleared, and William was able to breathe again.

After confirming that William was breathing well, the officers exchanged high-fives and hugs with him.