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Jim Dudley speaks with Eric Thomas O’Neal about adding yet another dimension to today’s law enforcement officer, that of a trained emergency medical responder
Why technology is the key to avoiding the next 9/11 and MCI preparedness
This eight-hour class is a great enhancement to the minimal tactical medical training received by most cops
Officer Melina Lim, along with three doctors who had been running the race, administered CPR to an EMT who collapsed during the race; the next year, they all walked it together
“This is helping us to do both roles … provide security for the scene as well as provide medical treatment for the patient that needs it,” a deputy medic with Hoke County Sheriff’s Office said
Winthrop Police Department Officer Robert Jaworski is credited with saving the life of baby Savannah after he delivered back blows to clear her airways
Dr. Kenji Inaba’s training helps officers on the field treat gunshot wounds and other injuries; officers in the metropolitan division undergo medical training drills every four weeks
As the man jumped out of the ambulance, he assaulted a police officer and refused commands to drop a metal object
“Having experienced something like this less than six months on the force is definitely something I’m proud of, and again, I just thank God I was able to perform in the moment,” Officer Soren Osicka said
Officers with the Portage Police Department and other first responders worked for more than an hour to free Matt Reum from the wreckage
Deputy Cory Patterson, who witnessed a man drive into a fence, broke into the man’s locked car and began administering lifesaving care immediately
“Her quick and calm response under pressure saved recruit (Solomon) Kessio’s life,” said Dayton Police Chief Kamran Afzal
The recruits performed lifesaving procedures, alerted academy staff, called 911, notified the recruit’s family and helped to provide a police escort to the hospital
Deputy Jacob Cook drove his cruiser at more than 100 miles per hour to reach and save Alyra Jones
The terms “cocaine psychosis” and “sudden in-custody death” will also be removed
Greg Yurcevich, 56, is part of the rare 15% of people who survived an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest with positive neurological health, experts say
“I would just like to say thank you to this young woman, of course, and all the officers involved. I’m really grateful to be alive,” the man said
Baldwin County Sheriff Bill Massee tried to reassure concerned citizens after Grady EMS declined to renew its contract with the county
Another driver helped the Salisbury Police lieutenant carry the unconscious man across the road to safety
Officer Jared Shope says he will continue to serve his community, and thanks its businesses, school districts and residents for unwavering support
The $35 million will go to more than 10,000 law enforcement officers, EMS personnel and firefighters from 309 agencies
Firefighters had to cut part of the flagpole off for the victim to fit into an ambulance
LEAD allows LAPD applicants to work in EMS while pursuing a career in law enforcement
Stamford police, EMS, behavioral health members and firefighters worked together to end a 6-hour standoff
Brownsville EMS providers transported several injured people to hospitals
Upton police, fire and EMS members and mutual aid partners carried the man out of a wooded area and transported him to a hospital
Police have yet to reveal a possible motive for the shooting, including whether it was a possible hate crime or domestic violence incident
The deputies work six, 12-hour shifts per month; the board recently approved funding to hire four more reserve deputies
List ranks occupations by level of stress, driving home the importance of hiring responders who can remain calm during high-stress situations