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Jim Dudley speaks with Eric Thomas O’Neal about adding yet another dimension to today’s law enforcement officer, that of a trained emergency medical responder
Why technology is the key to avoiding the next 9/11 and MCI preparedness
This eight-hour class is a great enhancement to the minimal tactical medical training received by most cops
Charles City County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Floyd H. Miles, Jr died after assisting another deputy with a suspect that was acting aggressively toward officers and EMS personnel
Colorado and California have passed laws prohibiting the term’s use among emergency responders, and more state legislatures, including Hawaii, have proposed similar laws
Former Tacoma PD officer Timothy Rankine alleges in the tort claims seeking $47 million in damages that he was falsely accused of criminal and racist misconduct
Investigators determined officers in the ambulance were observers and medics were in charge
David Ladd donated the RTS Tactical mini shields in hopes that all patrol officers will soon be equipped with them
Cabell County medics were inside a house treating a patient when the man jumped into their rig and drove off
Family members filed a lawsuit after a man was killed when paramedics placed a backboard on his back and directed a police officer to sit on it
Montana Highway Patrol Trooper Lewis Johnson will be sharing the story of his rescue by the air team at a banquet fundraiser April 20
The man doused himself with fluid and lit himself on fire across the street from the courthouse where former President Donald Trump’s trial continues
Paramedics were still in the ambulance when it was stolen and had to bail out of the vehicle as the suspect fled
The term has been banned from police officer and EMS training except to describe its historical usage
Detective Michael Harton, who is also trained as an EMT, performed life-saving measures on baby “Tooka” when she stopped breathing; he has maintained a relationship with her family ever since
An AMR supervisor rolled down his window to ask if a man standing in the road was OK; the man “began throwing himself at the window, gaining access to the ambulance”
“I look down and I have bright red arterial blood on my boot. You can’t help others if you’re down for the count.”
“We’re not paramedics, we’re not firefighters, we’re not EMS, but oftentimes we find ourselves [at the scene] first and we have the opportunity to save a life,” Clark County Sheriff Kevin McMahill stated
Officers Jason Wright and Dalton Schroeder used a combination of back blows and pumps on a LifeVac device to clear 4-year-old William’s airway
Officer Melina Lim, along with three doctors who had been running the race, administered CPR to an EMT who collapsed during the race; the next year, they all walked it together
Neighboring cities have been sending officers and firefighters since the Feb. 18 shooting; correctional officers, medics and dispatchers will join them to allow Burnsville first responders to attend the Feb. 28 funeral
“This is helping us to do both roles … provide security for the scene as well as provide medical treatment for the patient that needs it,” a deputy medic with Hoke County Sheriff’s Office said
Winthrop Police Department Officer Robert Jaworski is credited with saving the life of baby Savannah after he delivered back blows to clear her airways
Dr. Kenji Inaba’s training helps officers on the field treat gunshot wounds and other injuries; officers in the metropolitan division undergo medical training drills every four weeks
Burnsville officers Paul Elmstrand and Matthew Ruge, both 27, were fatally shot; Firefighter/Paramedic Adam Finseth, 40, was fatally shot as he provided aid to an injured officer
As the man jumped out of the ambulance, he assaulted a police officer and refused commands to drop a metal object
“Having experienced something like this less than six months on the force is definitely something I’m proud of, and again, I just thank God I was able to perform in the moment,” Officer Soren Osicka said
Officers with the Portage Police Department and other first responders worked for more than an hour to free Matt Reum from the wreckage
Deputy Cory Patterson, who witnessed a man drive into a fence, broke into the man’s locked car and began administering lifesaving care immediately