10 great YouTube channels for cops

Here's some of the best YouTube content geared toward LEOs

By PoliceOne Staff

This may come as a shock, but there’s a wealth of excellent content for police officers on the internet in addition to what you can find on PoliceOne (we are the best, though). And out of every corner of the web, there’s no better place to find great stuff than on YouTube, which is why we’ve rounded up 10 of the best channels (in no particular order). Give them a try and share any we missed in the comments.

1. Mike The Cop

One of the most popular police humor channels run by an officer, Mike the Cop is arguably one of the pioneers of creating law enforcement content for the platform. Great when you just need a break and want to laugh.

2. Officer401

Officer401 offers tips, advice and general musings that all men and women in blue can enjoy, from lessons on how to be a supportive police spouse to leaving police work at work.

3. LEO Round Table

A panel of law enforcement professionals tackle hot topics in the news and industry. These videos tend to be deep dives into what’s currently capturing the attention of the LE community at large.

4. Officer Daniels

One of the OG police humor channels, you’ve probably heard of Officer Daniels. Another good one if you need a laugh.

5. Tier Talk

Tier Talk host and Corrections1 columnist Anthony Gangi features everything from roundtable news analysis to career advice and training tips on his channel. While primarily focused on issues in corrections, there’s a ton of content here that police officers should find interesting or useful.  

6. Donut Operator

This list wouldn’t be complete without Donut Operator. One of the most popular LE channels, this one features a wide variety of content ranging from police history to cop humor.

7. The Firearm Blog

PoliceOne features content from TFB twice a month, but it barely scratches the surface of what the channel has to offer. From reviews of the latest products to looks at weapons throughout history, this is a great spot for gun enthusiasts. 

8. Free Field Training

Made for both a law enforcement and general audience, Free Field Training features tons of gear reviews and tactical tips.


There’s enough material here to satisfy even the most hardcore fan’s COPS fix. You’re welcome.

10. Ultimate Survival Tips

Subscribe to this one for videos on all things tactical, survival tips and more.

This article, originally published 04/11/2019, has been updated. 

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