15 of the easiest arrests cops have ever made

By Police1 Staff

Sometimes, arrests are handed to cops on a silver platter. We asked our Facebook fans what they felt were the easiest arrests they'd ever made. Here are our favorite responses:

1. "Had a drunk pull up to my cruiser while I was eating dinner. He said, 'Okay. You got me.' I asked him what I caught him doing and he said that he had just ran the red light. I asked him how much he'd had to drink that night and he said, 'Entirely too much.'" — John Wright

2. "I was inspecting baggage at an airport. The owner of one of the pieces of luggage reached in and pulled out a bag of marijuana and said, 'Here you go, the dog is going to find it anyway!' I looked at him and said, 'I appreciate your honesty, you're under arrest! Oh, and my dog is only trained to detect explosives, he wouldn't have known what marijuana is!'" — Brent Paris

3. "I had a guy walk up to me on a break and ask if he had any warrants. I ran him and found he did. I even provided him a free ride to get them taken care of." — Jeremy Wakeman

4. "Guy called us to his house to report theft. Said he hired two prostitutes that did not perform to his expectations and they refused to return his $20." — Christian Braman

5. "I had a drunk driver arrested after he pulled into the police station. I was working the complaint desk, saw the car pull up, watched the driver get out and walk up to me and never lost sight of him from the moment he got out of the car. He came to complain about police following him after he had just left a bar!" — Steven Becker

6. "Had a case where I was stopped at a red light at night. I saw headlights approaching from the rear and the vehicle was all over the road. About a second before I braced for impact, the driver swerved and did a 180° spinout before resting beside my squad — driver door facing driver door. It was summer, we both had our windows down and he reeked of alcoholic beverages. He looked over at me and said, 'Wassup.' Yes, he made the ride." — Joey Lowe

7. "Followed the blood trail of a robbery suspect right to his front step." — Eric Inorgen

8. "I was taking a stolen vehicle report and had my marked patrol unit parked and running in the street in front of the house. Two drunken knuckleheads tried kicking in the door of the house across the street in order to burglarize it. The stolen vehicle victim and I watched in disbelief for a couple minutes until I shined my flashlight on the suspects and they took off running. Shortest foot pursuit ever. They were both drunk and heavy smokers and fell over in the street about 50 yards into their flight from justice." — Tru Blood

9. "A mom called us wanting to do a 'scared straight' scenario with her son who was just suspended from school. Her son quickly pointed out that she was using their basement to grow a ton of weed. Case didn't even go to trial." — Andre Simpson

10. "I was working a desk assignment. A less than savory citizen walked into the storefront. He dropped a small bag of cocaine on the counter and indignantly said, 'I just bought this cocaine down the street and I want you to arrest the man who sold it to me.' One field test and a phone call later, he had a place to stay that night." — CA Vaz

11. "Had a guy, years ago, who was wanted on a felony warrant. I pulled up to check his mother's house and called out for him. He answered, 'I ain't here. I mean, he ain't here.' I told him to come out and he did. He then asked me how I knew he was there." — Travis Russell

12. "Drunk driver was driving the wrong way on a one-way — in front of both the police department and the sheriff's office — while seven officers and deputies were standing out front. When I pulled him over, he was stopped at the bay door to the jail. When I said, 'You were going the wrong way,' after he asked why I pulled him over, I died laughing when he replied, 'Are you psychic, because you never asked where I was going. How did you know I was going the wrong way?!' I walked him into the booking area while still laughing." — Tobie Bias

13. "I work a court house metal detector. Had a guy walk in and lay his weed pipe in the bin and hand it to me. Enough said." — Burt Page

14. "Arrested a guy on DUI. Released the even drunker passenger to a taxi cab. I was just leaving the jail when the drunken passenger drove up to bail their friend out." — Rachel Hansen

15. "I was talking to a homeless man when a shoplifter who was running away from the shop's staff ran straight into me." — Daniel S. Richardson


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