‘Joke’s on us’: Police respond to deli's warning sign in good-humored exchange

A viral moment between a Pennsylvania police department and a local deli gave everyone a chuckle

By Suzie Ziegler 

BRIDGEVILLE, Pa. — A café known for its quirky advertisements caught the attention of local police earlier this month, prompting a lighthearted exchange that went viral. 

According to KDKA, PJ’s Deli often uses its roadside sign to make an impression. Well, when the business realized cops were using the sign for a different reason – as camouflage – it decided to give drivers a heads-up. 

“Slow down … the cop hides behind this sign,” the sign warned.  

The Bridgeville Police Department caught on and seemed to appreciate the joke. The department shared a photo of the sign which, sure enough, was hiding a police SUV.


“Well … I guess the joke's on us!” the department wrote on Facebook. “SMH. Good one PJ’s Deli!” 

According KDKA, the deli has posted other amusing lines, such as “Come try ‘the worst food you’ll ever eat in your life,’ according to some chick on Facebook.”


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