Anonymous NM donor prevents law enforcement pay cuts

Salaries were going to be cut by at least 10 percent, but a donor came forward and ensured wages would stay the same

By Police1 Staff

ARTESIA, N.M. — First responders in New Mexico were told by the city their wages were going to be cut at least 10 percent. Thanks to an anonymous donor, the paychecks will be staying the same. 

KVIA reported that the city announced the budget cuts for all employees beginning July 1st, citing the cuts were necessary due to the decline in revenue from the oil and gas industries. 

Mayor Phil Burch told the station a “local entity” came forward with a gift that ensures first responders’ wages will remain the same for the rest of the year. 

The mayor did not disclose the amount, but based on the city’s budget it is likely around $320,000.

The donation affects 62 police and firefighters.

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