Poem: I lived the greatest of all adventures, a police officer, me

There are many chapters to a cop's career that add up to a lifetime of service

Calling all police poets! PoliceOne's poetry column highlights some of the inspirational, moving and funny poems authored by our readers.

This poem is by Major Ted Belling with the Moore Police Department in Oklahoma who says, "I was inspired to write the poem when several officers in my department retired who taught and mentored me to be a better officer. I also was thinking about the final years of my career and what impact I would have. I am retiring in about three years after 35 years in law enforcement." 

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I lived the greatest of all adventures, a police officer, me.

I set my foot upon a path of a new destiny
From a very young age to adult I failed to foresee.

I worked hard in school to get a degree
I started training for the medical field but it was not for me.

I took a law class and I could not believe, I found my love, my passion, my destiny
No longer a dentist, but a police officer I will be.

No missed thoughts, no regrets, no banal life for me
A grand adventure, a wonderful life, this path my new destiny.

As green as I am, what do I know?
Maybe back to dental school, I should go.

I made it through the academy, it was easy for me
But do I have what it takes to be a police officer? We will see.

Field training is next, to my training officer’s chagrin
I make it through anyway because I would not let him win.

Have your doubts about what I am capable of
I will always strive to be a step above.

My wife, my friend, my all, she has been great for me
She has been there to encourage, support and drive me.

Am I a shark in the ocean circling for prey
Arresting bad guys day after day?

One car, two car, three car, many cars seized
All those drug dealers are not pleased.

Snitches tell and I dispel
I do my best to send them to jail.

I have a good shift, and supervisors, too
I am proud every day to be donning my blue.

It is humbling to hear from citizens with tears
How what I do every day eases their fears.

Master Patrol Officer I gain rank
To all those who mentored and taught me I have to thank.

The detective division I get to go
As my destiny continues to flow.

I got my gold badge # 685
A dream I longed for, desired and strived.

Glock is not my main tool, I say with a grin
The mighty weapon I wield is my humble pen.

The cases are closed, the warrants are filed
This chapter of my life in detectives compiled.

Supervisor now, what can I say
I wasn’t ready before, but I am today.

It took age and experience and maturity for sure
Time is flying by; it is a blur.

It is my time to impart what I’ve learned
To teach and mentor the new officers in return.

Don’t do this job for the bosses above
Do it for the community you love.

New officers were born after my first day began
To them, I am the old wise man.

When the bad guy runs, I know my place
Somewhere around there is a rookie to give chase.

I still have time to share what I’ve learned
I better hurry up though before that last day turns.

I envy the new officer for the adventure ahead
I wish it were me to do it instead.

God let me leave this place better than before
I charge you new officer, I implore.

Put this deep into your core
Be smarter, be better, be greater than us before.

I hope that when the shadow closes over my career
I have earned the respect of my peers.

When I take off my vest and gun for that final time, be happy, you see
I lived the greatest of all adventures, a police officer, me.

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