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Utilizing coaches could lead to higher job satisfaction, better retention, increased trust with community members and increased officer safety
The personal risks and magnitude of suffering with the pandemic are something no one should have to face alone
The discussion about whether officers should be warriors or guardians exploded in an environment devoid of empirical research
Assistant Chief Dominic H. Choi will not be allowed to apply for the permanent chief position; Choi stated his goal is to manage a smooth transition for the department
The police chief position has been open since February, when Mayor Sheng Thao suspended and subsequently fired former Chief LeRonne Armstrong
The judge freed the department from federal oversight in a move he called “the end of the beginning” of Seattle police reform
“Labeling the entire criminal justice profession as ‘racist’ spreads false and damaging information about our members”
Union members voted 534-94 on a symbolic measure expressing no confidence in Sheriff Scott Israel
Deputy Police Commissioner Darryl DeSousa will take the helm in a city struggling with a feverish pace of killings
FirstNet’s selection of AT&T to build out the telecom spectrum is the biggest news thus far in this long-running saga
When practiced correctly, officers raised in an environment where leadership is a core principle can be counted on to make sound, prudent and defensible decisions
One of the main goals of drunk driving enforcement is to raise the perception among drinking drivers that they will be stopped and investigated for drunk driving
The current conflict illustrates how important it is for police administrators and union representatives to participate in the process of deploying body-worn cameras
Collaboration takes skills, demands integrity and, most importantly, the ability to get along with supporters and rivals
Leaders, trainers, and patrol officers often complain about the “new generation” and how they do not want to put in the time on the streets
Police officers are becoming targets for violence and parts of the American public are losing their faith in law enforcement
When cops assess a potential threat, they determine whether lethal force is necessary or if one of several “less lethal” tools such as a baton, OC or TASER will be successful
Scheduling software written specifically for law enforcement can provide user-friendly access, efficient tools for administration and ultimate cost savings benefits
Motorola has entered into the body-worn camera market with the release of its Si series of cameras
Improving today’s police-community relations can be an expansive effort that will take time but a transformation of our current enforcement model is a good start
If we tell ourselves an officer can falsify his location for a sexual liaison but would never lie in a report, we are lying to ourselves
Simply being a first line supervisor may not adequately prepare you for the role of lieutenant – here’s how you can prepare for the duties of middle management
An effective team-level police leader needs a very specific and completely different skillset during a critical incident than the one needed for day-to-day operations
The acronym W.I.N. has been used to help law enforcement professionals make better decisions in leadership, use of force, incident command, tactical combat casualty care, training, and tactics
It’s not at all unusual for small jurisdictions to advertise for a “working chief” to fill their top law enforcement slot — being hired as a “working chief” brings unique challenges and pitfalls
Twitter should be appreciated as a tool to quickly and concisely relay useful information on important topics — it costs nothing, requires only a few minutes each day, and can pay tremendous dividends
Law enforcement leaders must accept the fact that there is — and always will be — a disparity between public perception and the actual facts surrounding a high-profile incident