Laser Technology Partners with MicroSurvey to Expand Access to Next-Generation Crash and Crime Scene Mapping Technology

June 1 webinar gives public safety professionals a sneak peek at time- and money-saving mapping solutions.

CENTENNIAL, Colorado – Laser Technology Inc. (LTI), a leading provider of laser speed devices and field mapping solutions, is excited to announce its partnership with MicroSurvey, a longtime supplier of software for surveying and mapping professionals. A certified reseller of IMS Map360, MicroSurvey's CAD-based diagramming software, LTI now delivers a complete field-to-office mapping solution for crash and crime scene professionals to develop courtroom-ready diagrams.

In celebration of the partnership, LTI and MicroSurvey will co-host a webinar on Wednesday, June 1, to detail how the combination of QuickMap 3D® on Android, the TruPoint 300™ and IMS Map360 can save time, resources and money for crash and crime scene investigators. "Next-Generation Mapping Technology: Crash and Crime Scenes Field-to-Courtroom” will go behind the scenes on a modern, highly accurate and cost-effective mapping solution for law enforcement personnel, crime scene investigators and even insurance companies.

QuickMap 3D for Android
As the first crash and crime field data collection software for Android devices, QuickMap 3D (QM3D) simplifies the jobs of crash and crime scene investigators. The software’s intuitive workflow allows investigators to collect, store and identify critical evidence faster than ever. Investigators also will save time, decrease common mistakes and increase efficiency with:

• Improved aiming precision by remotely firing the laser from the tablet
• Photography features that take images at the scene and seamlessly match them up with the data set
• QM3D's intuitive built-in help assistance
• Reduced connectivity issues by simply emailing field data right from the tablet in a CAD-friendly format

TruPoint 300 All-in-One Mapping Laser
Combine QM3D with LTI's new survey-grade, phase technology laser, the TruPoint 300, a mapping system that costs a fraction of high-end 3D scanners and total stations. A lightweight and compact measurement tool that redefines the conventional total station, the TruPoint 300:

• Produces millimeter-grade distance accuracy
• Measures distance, inclination and horizontal angles for X, Y and Z measurements
• Automatically matches up high-resolution photos of the scene with captured data sets
• Delivers ultimate precision, even in tight spaces, with the red-dot pointer, aiming camera and fine adjust features

Designed specifically for the crash and crime scene investigators, this advanced laser and Android software technology combines to become the go-to tool for collecting vital measurements quickly, efficiently and accurately.

IMS Map360 Diagramming Software
Off-scene, investigators can import the gathered data from QM3D into MicroSurvey's IMS Map360 CAD-based diagramming software to build accurate and professional courtroom diagrams. Considered the most precise desktop forensic mapping software, IMS Map360 is part of the Leica Geosystems Incident Mapping Suite and is the only solution with an industry-leading 3D CAD system built in. This cutting-edge technology enables crash and crime scene professionals to:

• Create 2D sketches or 3D drawings and modules with a customized interface
• Improve imported diagrams with thousands of free crime and crash symbols
• Ensure evidence integrity with built-in secure database file protection

With the advanced laser technology of the TruPoint 300 and the seamless software integration between QuickMap 3D and IMS Map360, investigators can turn field data into a detailed diagram with ease. Sign up for the webinar below and learn how such technology enables the modern crash and crime scene investigator.

About the Webinar
What: "Next-Generation Mapping Technology: Crash and Crime Scenes Field-to-Courtroom"
When: 10 a.m. (MDT) Wednesday, June 1, 2016
Details: Attendees will hear from experts about the pros and cons of alternative technologies, and get tips on choosing the right hardware for the job. Solution experts also will walk webinar participants through a few simple tasks on both QuickMap 3D on Android and IMS Map360. Register below to learn how to implement this complete field-to-courtroom solution in any department.
Registration: Click here to register

About MicroSurvey
With over 30 years of experience, MicroSurvey Software Inc., a member of the Hexagon family of companies, develops complete software solutions for surveying and mapping. Offering the leading software for evidence collection and diagramming, IMS Map360, MicroSurvey supplies premier software solutions to accident reconstruction specialists around the world. Learn more at

About Laser Technology Inc.
Laser Technology Inc. is a Colorado-based manufacturer of speed laser measurement devices, including crash and crime mapping equipment. LTI introduced the first commercial laser speed device that enabled law enforcement agencies to pinpoint an individual vehicle in dense traffic. From speed enforcement to crash scene investigation and more, LTI's equipment has been used by law enforcement agencies and professionals worldwide for more than 30 years. Learn more about Laser Technology's products and how they help in crash scene investigation.

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