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NRA Life of Duty “Patriot Profiles” - US C-SOG “On The Razor’s Edge” Released Today!

March, 2014 NRA Life of Duty “Patriot Profiles” - US C-SOG “On The Razor’s Edge” Released Today! US C-SOG is pleased to announce that the much anticipated NRA Life of Duty “Patriot Profiles” episode featuring US C-SOG was released today! Over the last several months Team US C-SOG was embedded with an NRA Life of Duty film crew that filmed during several of US C-SOG’s operational and real world deployments.

This documentary is the first of its type in corrections and took a tremendous amount of planning, security clearance and technical preparation. Viewers are taken behind the scenes into the world of Corrections Special Operations. This Life of Duty “Patriot Profiles” episode is titled “US C-SOG - On the Razor’s Edge”. The episode highlights not just incredible, never before seen video footage of US C-SOG operators in action but also what it takes to become a US C-SOG CSO Tier 1 Operator. Click on the following link to watch!:

“With more than 2.3 million inmates in America’s penitentiary system today, our correctional officers are severely outnumbered and under the constant threat of attack inside and outside prison walls. US C-SOG Senior Team Leader Joseph Garcia has made it his life’s mission to train and prepare warriors and operators to deal with the most violent, enraged and often disturbed criminals in the system. A true man of character, Garcia is an operator not playing a part, but living the various roles he must perform day in and day out.” - NRA Life of Duty Patriot Profiles

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