Lose your sight, lose the fight

If you wear glasses or contact lenses at work, make sure you have a second pair of glasses readily available to you at all times.  If your glasses become damaged or you lose a contact lens, you need to immediately get your sight back and a “back up” pair of glasses will make that happen.  If you’re a day shifter and you wear prescription sunglasses, make sure you always have your “clear” glasses (and a flashlight) with you as well. 

Dave Smith is an internationally known motivational speaker, writer and law enforcement trainer who has been an integral part of the Calibre Press family for over 20 years. As a career police officer, Dave held positions in patrol, training, narcotics, SWAT, and management. In 1980 he developed the popular "Buck Savage" survival series videos and was the lead instructor for the Calibre Press "Street Survival" seminar from 1983 to 1985.

He was a contributor to Calibre's popular "Tactical Edge" handbook and helped pave the way for what "Street Survival" is today. Dave joined the Law Enforcement Training Network in 1989 and was the general manager of Calibre Press until January of 2002. Now president of Dave Smith & Associates, a law enforcement & management consulting company based in Illinois, Dave has developed hundreds of programs across the spectrum of police & security training needs.

Dave is now the senior instructor for the Street Survival Seminar, the Director of Video Training for Police1 Video and author of the new book "In My Sights." His experiences as officer, trainer, manager, and police spouse lend a unique perspective to the "Street Survival" experience. Visit Dave's website at www.jdbucksavage.com.

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