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PH&S Products add another banner to their industry leading chemical resistant gloves


Minerva, OH – Oct 11, 2018 – PH&S Products continues to raise the bar on their popular ResQ-Grip Glove. The company has confirmed that they have now added a EN ISO 374-1/Type B banner to a list of Third Party testing for their premium nitrile examination grade glove.

The EN 374 standard specifies the capability of gloves to protect the user against chemicals and/or micro-organisms. PH&S Products was also the first company to also have confirmed third party testing for the ResQ-Grip Glove for fentanyl and heroin resistance.

Many modern First Responder activities involve the exposure of highly concentrated and dangerous chemicals. This fact, combined with the almost daily announcements about potential health effects caused by long- or short-term exposure to chemicals that were once considered to be safe, means there is an ever-increasing need to minimize the contact with any substance that may have an adverse reaction to human health.

The marking of chemical gloves shall be in accordance with EN 420 (This standard defines the general requirements for glove design and construction, innocuousness, comfort and efficiency, marking
and information applicable to all protective gloves). and the specific requirements given in EN ISO 374-1. There are three types of chemical protective gloves: PH&S Products has achieved a Type B standard.

Type B gloves have achieved level 2 or greater against at least three of the chemicals listed in EN ISO 374-1. The chart below indicates the chemicals that the ResQ-Grip Gloves have passed.

*This does not mean protection against all chemicals and micro-organisms. Customers need to access the risk and refer to our glove performance data that can be provided upon request

*Permeation - is the process where a chemical passes through the glove’s material on a molecular level.

PH&S Products, an ISO 9001 (with design) certified Company, is a leader in the designing and developing of innovative hand protection. Servicing customer’s needs in the municipal government agencies as well as emergency response teams and other agencies in the Public Health and Safety Market

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