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Major changes are needed to combat the dangers posed by drug cartels
This new program helps people in small places who have a big idea shape that concept into something concrete – and they want more cops and corrections on board
Cartel activities are not confined to the southern border states – even small towns in the least populated states are impacted
Learn to navigate the complexities of state and federal grant programs
Here’s how addiction works in the brain and why it’s so difficult to break
In just six years, fentanyl has become the prominent driver of opioid overdose deaths, going from causing about 20% of fatal opioid ODs in 2016 to causing almost all of them — 92% — in 2022
The Drug Enforcement Administration, Oregon State Police and the Grants Pass Police Department were among the agencies involved in the year-long investigation
The neighborhoods that had the injection sites experienced a dip in 911 calls related to crime and medical emergencies, but saw a slight increase in complaints around drug activity
“We don’t believe a return to incarceration is the answer, but restoring a misdemeanor for possession with diversion opportunities is critically important,” said Jason Edmiston, chief of police in the city of Hermiston
The training addresses the mental and physical stressors faced by public safety personnel when responding to opioid overdose calls
The program aims for nurses to work alongside police officers to assist individuals struggling with substance use disorders and mental health
Funds to combat violent crime and opioid abuse may also help agencies fund communications technology
The bill presumes disabling or fatal infectious diseases were suffered in the line of duty as a result of injury due to uncapped needles
AcuDetox and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing are showing value in one Colorado county
The companies openly advertised the chemicals on social media platforms and shipped them surreptitiously to buyers, said Attorney General Merrick Garland
Joanne Marian Segovia used her work computer to order synthetic opioids and at least once used the union’s UPS account to ship the drugs within the country
Joanne Marian Segovia was arrested in an ongoing investigation into a network that was shipping controlled substances to the Bay Area from abroad
Isotonitazene, a nitazene analog opioid 20 times more potent than fentanyl, has moved into the Southern states and, more recently, along the Eastern seaboard
A new seven-page policy stipulates that officers receive fire department training on how to administer it
In the first year after the new approach took effect, only 1% of people who received citations for possessing controlled substances sought help
The new program will allow LEOs to leave people with naloxone kits, particularly when it might be needed in the future
Rx and Illicit Drug Summit happens April 10-13 with sessions on public safety, illicit drugs and overdose prevention
At least seven teenagers overdosed from pills possibly containing fentanyl this year including a 15-year-old girl, according to the LAPD
Keep the following in mind if you find yourself responding to a possible child overdose
After finding the man not breathing inside a home, the officer is seen administering Narcan and performing chest compressions
This most recent offense marks the fourth time in 2022 that Stephen Joel Horton was arrested — and ninth time since 2017
“There’s a belief that if you touch fentanyl that you could receive a lethal dose or you could get exposed to fentanyl to the skin ... I’ve never heard of a case of that happening.”
William Jones was hit with drug trafficking charges after his girlfriend’s brother was found dead from an apparent overdose in his home