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On-demand webinar: 2024 grant writing strategies for public safety

Learn to navigate the complexities of state and federal grant programs

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Seeking Grants for an Association, a Small Business or for Research

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Join us for an educational webinar designed specifically for law enforcement and law enforcement grant writers who are on the front lines of the battle against the fentanyl crisis and are looking to acquire the MX908. This webinar provides you with strategies to navigate the complexities of the state and federal grant programs including opioid settlement funding.

You will learn:

  • Details on various grant sources and their different requirements.
  • How to craft compelling grant proposals that stand out.
  • Ways to align your department’s needs with grantor priorities.
  • Tips on navigating legalities and requirements when applying for and utilizing grant funds.
  • Expert insight on grant writing and government affairs professionals.

Whether you’re seeking to enhance your department’s resources or aiming to make a significant impact on the fentanyl epidemic, this webinar arms you with the knowledge and tools necessary for success. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the experts and take your grant acquisition skills to the next level.


“The instructors were very clear and extremely good speakers, making the information easy to understand. Instructors were also very knowledgeable.”

“This webinar provided valuable information about how to find different grants, and gave places to look for them.”

“I appreciate all the information provided. I found it all very helpful.”

“It was specific to our needs and the guidance was to-the-point.”


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Sam Dorn

Samantha L. Dorm is a senior grant consultant for Lexipol, serving, and PoliceGrantsHelp. She first began working as a consultant for the grants division of Praetorian Digital (now Lexipol) in 2010. Dorm has been instrumental in providing grant writing guidance to various public safety and non-profit agencies throughout the United States to enable them to obtain alternative funding as well as provide instruction on statistical compilation, analysis and program development. Dorm is a reviewer for several federal agencies and also instructs grant writing workshops.