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Impact Power Technologies Introduces the “Juiciest Battery” in the Industry

Impact Power Technologies introduces replacement battery for the Motorola XTS 3000/5000 radio now delivers 40+ hours run time.

What does more “juice” mean for agencies? IPT Lithium Polymer Lifesaver Series™ batteries cover shift after shift without fail. Now, Impact Power Technologies has engineered a new battery that delivers even more “juice” than any other: 40+ hours! More power means consistent communications and safer first responders, as well as competitive replacement costs and more savings overall.

How does IPT do it? Their proprietary Lithium Polymer chemistry and exclusive Battery Management System (BMS), that’s how. Impact Power Technologies already led the longevity race with their original 8610 battery for the XTS 3000/5000 Radio, which had 4000 milliamps capacity and delivered 27+ hours of run time—3 to 4 times more than OEM batteries. Now IPT has ramped up the milliamps to 4700, thereby increasing the power more than 30%, making it the highest capacity battery in the industry.

Unlike other Lithium Polymer batteries on the market, IPT provides agencies with 100% guarantees:

-A unique formulation of Polymer cells whose quality is unrivaled

-Built-in operational safety circuitry

-900 charging cycles—3 to 4 times more than OEM versions

-No memory effect for faster charging

-Long-lasting: Maintains 80% of rated capacity for 2 years

-Unparalleled quality control and testing: To date no battery has ever been defective or returned due to electronic failure

-Over 50% lighter-weight than OEM counterparts (150 grams)

-OEM charger compatible

-OEM warrantees remain in full force

Impact Power Technologies believes the proof is in the testing. That’s why they established the “Test it Yourself” program where qualified prospects receive a free battery. The result: Agencies are making the switch to IPT Lithium Polymer Lifesaver Series™ batteries.