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I-PRO brings latest interview room video solution, body-worn cameras, in-vehicle systems, and evidence management software to IACP



HOUSTON — At IACP 2023, on booth 1127, i-PRO Americas Inc., (formerly a division of Panasonic), a global leader in professional security solutions for surveillance and public safety, will demonstrate its latest range of security solutions for law enforcement professionals. i-PRO’s comprehensive portfolio of public safety and law enforcement solutions includes body-worn cameras, in-vehicle video systems, interview room video solutions, as well as on-premises and cloud-hosted digital evidence management solutions.

In addition to the extensive range of imaging and evidence management offerings, the company specializes in advanced, AI-driven software and intelligent analytics, such as automated redaction to protect personal privacy. i-PRO is proud of its open-platform approach to Public Safety and Security solutions, supporting tight integration with partners like Genetec to create CloUDE℠, a digital evidence management system which utilizes the features of Genetec ClearanceTM. i-PRO customers maintain full control of their DEMS and VMS strategies, with full-featured choices using traditional servers and storage, hybrid storage solutions, or cloud-hosted services.

At IACP, attendees will learn about i-PRO’s latest Interview Room Video Solution. The system is simple to operate and offers automated activation to ensure every interview is recorded. The new VMS dual-mode architecture supports multiple room monitoring and ensures critical video and audio evidence is captured reliably, every time.

“We design our public safety products specifically for the on-the-job rigors of police, fire, and EMS crews. i-PRO products deliver unparalleled reliability with a less than 1% failure rate for in-car and body-worn camera systems since 2004, affirming our commitment to excellence,” said David O’Connor, Director, i-PRO Public Safety Division. “We know how important cybersecurity and regulatory compliance are to our customers, so we develop complete solutions that automate processes to enable users to focus on the job, not the technology.”

Body-worn camera solutions

i-PRO’s BWC4000 body-worn camera features a unique 12-hour field-swappable battery, providing law enforcement and security officers with extended camera operation without having to deal with cumbersome charging cables. Officers can quickly tag videos with essential metadata using an easy-to-use LCD menu. Options such as automated activation in response to specific events such as drawing a weapon guarantee that important video evidence is available every time. Designed to provide officers with a more durable and reliable way to capture video and audio evidence in virtually any conditions, i-PRO body-worn cameras utilize the industry-standard Klick Fast™ mounting system which provides many options to easily secure the camera. The cameras themselves are built to the demanding MIL-STD 810H military standard with an IP67 weather-resistant rating.

In-Car Video System

i-PRO’s in-car video (ICV) system, the ICV4000, takes in-car video technology into the future with a powerful video processing unit (VPU4000), wireless networking, enhanced security features, and improved image quality. The system employs MPEG-4 recording, eliminating the need for proprietary media formats to provide a more streamlined approach for reviewing and sharing video. The ICV4000 can utilize 4G/5G connectivity from a mobile router or the squad MDT (Mobile Data Terminal) for evidence uploads and live streaming.

With support for up to five total cameras and several options for front-view cameras, the ICV4000 can provide 1080p Full HD recording with a wider field of view and 360 degree coverage around a vehicle. Additionally, the system incorporates embedded Bluetooth (BLE) and two wireless LAN modules to support seamless integration with i-PRO’s BWC4000. The system supports up to 16 triggers for system activation or status indicators.

Panoramic front cameras for police vehicles

IACP attendees will also be able to see the WV-VCF41P 4K Panoramic Front Camera for police vehicles. A component of i-PRO’s powerful in-car video (ICV) system, the camera is ideal for law enforcement agencies seeking wide-angle coverage and high-resolution capture of video evidence from the vehicle.

Unlike traditional forward-facing cameras, the WV-VCF41P provides a full 150-degree field of view. The innovative lens is specifically designed to minimize distortion and edge warping, resulting in the widest angle offered. Behind the lens, the camera’s 4K sensor is i-PRO’s highest resolution sensor for mobile video evidence applications. With support for detailed forensic zooming into areas of interest without image blurring, the WV-VCF41P presents the clearest possible evidence.

Unified digital evidence management

i-PRO’s in-car video system and law enforcement cameras enable officers to easily upload video evidence into the CloUDE digital evidence management system (powered by Genetec Clearance) using either Wi-Fi, a mobile router, or a mobile data terminal with cellular connection. CloUDE allows officers and investigators to store, manage, review, and share evidence from their in-vehicle or body-worn cameras efficiently and easily from within a single application. Authorized individuals can share cases and digital video evidence with cooperating agencies, prosecutors, attorneys, or members of the media. Secure access and chain of custody are controlled through straightforward policies managed in the application. Additionally, advanced logging creates an audit trail of all user actions, available for management review at any time.

About i-PRO Americas Inc.

i-PRO Americas Inc. is a global leader of advanced sensing technologies in the fields of Intelligent Surveillance, Public Safety and Industrial/Medical Imaging. Established in 2019, i-PRO was built on a legacy of over 60 years of innovation with Panasonic.

The company’s products, software and services extend human senses to capture moments of truth with innovations that inform and protect. In order to help create a safer world, i-PRO Americas Inc. supports the work of professionals who protect and save lives.

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