New bodycam footage in Maryland of successful use of BolaWRAP®

Nine New BolaWRAP Deployments in Eight States Reported to the Company in March and April Thus Far

TEMPE, Ariz. -- Wrap Technologies, Inc. (the "Company" or "WRAP") (Nasdaq: WRAP), a global leader in innovative public safety technologies and services, released new bodycam footage of a successful BolaWRAP deployment.

On Wednesday, December 14, 2020, Fruitland Police Department in Maryland responded to a male subject in crisis. Fruitland PD had responded to this subject several times, knowing that he suffers from frequent seizures that cause him to become violent with family members and first responders.

The subject was ignoring directions from police and his family members. Corporal Mills, the officer on scene, advised the subject’s family that he intended to use the BolaWRAP and explained how it worked. The officer successfully deployed the BolaWRAP, restraining the subject, who was subsequently handcuffed without additional force and was safely transported by EMS for treatment.

Bodycam footage can be viewed here.

“Our officers did a great job of preventing the situation from escalating by safely restraining the subject quickly,” said Chief Swafford of Fruitland Police Department. “Corporal Mills explained the BolaWRAP well. It was effective and safe, and the subject’s family was extremely grateful.”

So far in March and April 2021, the Company has been informed of nine new BolaWRAP deployments on subjects by agencies in California, Missouri, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Ohio, South Carolina, and Maryland.

“We are pleased to see the continued usage of the BolaWRAP,” said Tom Smith, President and CEO of WRAP. “As previously stated, many BolaWRAP deployments are not known or reported to the Company, as agencies consider its application a very low use of force. It is rewarding for us to be able to see the bodycam footage of our remote restraint solution in action, preventing escalation and generating a safe outcome for all involved.”

In March, the Mountain View Police Department in California announced a successful deployment of the BolaWRAP in the field.

"I am extremely proud of the way our officers responded and handled this situation," said Lt. Wahed Magee of the Mountain View Police Department. "The officers did their best to verbally de-escalate the situation and subsequently used the BolaWRAP to apprehend the suspect in a way that minimized the use of force."

The Company also recently released footage from a successful BolaWrap deployment in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, which can be viewed here.

To watch more bodycam footage of the BolaWRAP in use, please visit:

About WRAP

WRAP Technologies (Nasdaq: WRAP) is a global leader in innovating public safety technologies and services that deliver advanced solutions focused on avoiding escalation. The BolaWRAP® Remote Restraint device, WRAP’s first product, is a patented, hand-held device that discharges a Kevlar® tether to temporarily restrain from a safe distance. Through many field uses and growing adoption by agencies across the globe, BolaWRAP is proving to be an effective tool to safely detain persons without injury. WRAP Reality, the Company’s virtual reality training system, is an immersive training simulator and comprehensive public safety training platform designed to empower first responders with the necessary knowledge to perform in the field. WRAP’s headquarters are located in Tempe, Arizona. For more information, please visit

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