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Using Speed Awareness to Combat Fatalities

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Join our Senior Product Manager for Speed, Kent Hayes, and our Technical Sales Manager, Colin McIver, as they discuss the troubling rise in pedestrian fatalities and how agencies across the world can help combat them with speed awareness products. Learn more about Kustom Signals’ products here: Get FREE grant assistance by signing up here: Reach out to our sales team: ----------- Jump to: ----------- Intro: 00:00-1:50 Pedestrian Fatality Statistics: 1:51-2:20 Why Pedestrian Deaths Are Rising: 2:21-3:13 Where Are Pedestrian Deaths Occurring: 3:14-3:37 How Do We Stop Deaths?: 3:38-4:30 What Are Speed Awareness Products?: 4:31-5:12 How Do Speed Awareness Products Reduce Fatalities?: 5:13-5:29 Reaction-Perception/Braking Time Graph: 5:30-6:46 Do Speeders Return?: 6:47-7:46 How Is Speed Awareness Cost Effective?: 7:47-8:25 Where Should Products Be Deployed?: 8:26-9:03 How Easily Are Products Deployed?: 9:04-9:27 Trailer vs Pole Mounted Display?: 9:28-10:11 How Often Do You Move Displays?: 10:12-11:06 Speed Awareness for Non-Law Enforcement?: 11:07-11:53 Features of Displays and Trailers: 11:54-12:42 Does Size Matter?: 12:43-13:30 Traffic Data Collection: 13:31-14:01 Using Traffic Data for Speed Enforcement: 14:02-15:21 Outro: 15:22-16:36