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Digi International to announce availability of Digi SAFE at IACP 2023

Newly available solutions including Digi TX40 5G with Mobile VPN, FIPS 140-2 Validation and Remote Management and Monitoring Showcased at Leading Public Safety Event


Photo/Digi International


Digi TX40 5G is the latest in Digi’s suite of purpose-built routers for demanding mobile applications.

Photo/Digi International

By Police1 Staff

Digi International, a provider of Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity products and services, announces the availability of the Digi SAFE all-in-one connectivity solution for public safety agencies.

The Digi SAFE solution provides always-on connectivity to public safety agencies, incorporating software to bolster network security and operations while featuring high-performance hardware engineered to endure severe vibrations and extreme weather conditions.

Central to the functionality of Digi SAFE is Digi Remote Manager, serving as the command center of intelligent public safety mobile networks. Digi Remote Manager empowers IT teams to remotely oversee, administrate and secure field devices – streamlining the setup and deployment of cellular routers while ensuring they consistently receive crucial security enhancements and firmware updates.

Ruggedized for the demands of public safety officers, Digi TX40 5G is the latest in Digi’s suite of purpose-built routers for demanding mobile applications to be unveiled and made available to order. Digi TX40 5G also meets the U.S. government cybersecurity FIPS 140-2 standard and leverages Digi TrustFence to ensure security compliance throughout the network. It delivers next-generation 5G/4G LTE performance, integrating a broad spectrum of advanced features designed to enable the seamless operation of a complete Vehicle Area Network (VAN).

The DigiSAFE connectivity solution also features the commercial availability of the Digi Mobile VPN value-added service. This service empowers agencies to establish a persistent, robust, and secure connection between their data centers via the Digi router in a mobile environment, encompassing all connected edge devices, whether wired or wireless.

Visit Digi International at IACP in booth 4053.