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Report released on nationwide transition to NG911

More states are adopting statewide NG911 plans and the use of text-to-911 continues to grow


Photo/Rob Lawrence

By Editorial Staff

WASHINGTON — The National 911 Program released its annual report to provide data on the continued nationwide transition to NG911.

The report, which features voluntary data submitted by 50 states, five territories and the Department of Defense, shows the adoption of text-to-911 continues to grow. Important findings include:

  • More states adopting statewide NG911 plans: In 2020, 35 states, or 73%, said they adopted a statewide NG911 plan. In 2021, 38 states, or 79%, said they adopted a statewide NG911 plan.
  • Uptick in states using text-to-911: In 2020, 492,328 text-to-911 were received. In 2021, 507, 969 text-to-911 were received.
  • Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) numbers and sizes remain stable and PSAPs are following protocols: The number of PSAPs in reporting states and amount of 911 equipment positions remain consistent. Moreover, more states are reporting PSAPs are following protocols and have minimum training requirements.

An interactive map of the 2021 data is available here. Click here to download the report or view it below.

2021 911 Profile Database Report