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South Florida selects CentralSquare Unify to increase interoperability for coordinated emergency response

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31st public safety network expected to increase strategic data-sharing and ensure the safety of our first responders and communities

LAKE MARY, Fla. - CentralSquare Technologies, an industry leader in public sector technology, announced today the expansion of CentralSquare Unify™ (CAD-to-CAD) to a multi-jurisdictional area of South Florida, simplifying collaboration between connected public safety agencies and accelerating response times in the region, making first responders more accessible to our communities and enhancing the safety of our citizens. This addition marks CentralSquare’s 31st Unify network deployment across the U.S.

“CentralSquare’s Unify networks use real-time data sharing to improve operational awareness, ensuring the safety of first responders on-site and enabling faster response times to people in need throughout the region,” said Erin Bunner, Vice President of Product, Public Safety at CentralSquare Technologies. “Information that would previously be relayed through phone calls across agencies can now be entered into a bi-directional interface so that no matter what systems these South Florida agencies are operating on, they can develop a coordinated response plan.”

Florida police and emergency medical services must be not only prepared to respond to manmade accidents and emergencies but also to the many natural disasters the state faces due to climate conditions. CentralSquare’s Unify technology will help South Florida improve interagency collaboration to effectively respond to the scale of emergencies of any kind to get to the scene quicker and more effectively support citizens and communities in need. Unify provides true situational awareness for the entire region through the ability to share accurate, real-time mobile data securely between cooperating agencies and responders with a CAD-to-anywhere approach.

“In my over 35 years in law enforcement, I found it vital to have interoperability and communication between all first responders to make intelligent, effective responses to manmade and natural disasters. The more information we have and share with our first responders – both at the scene and command post – the better as it will save lives, sworn and civilian, property and money,” said Bernadette DiPino, a former Florida Chief of Police and CentralSquare Advisor. “I remember when police and firefighters responded to scenes and never truly worked together. There was always a clear line in the sand between us as to what our roles were, even though many times officers ran into burning buildings and firefighters helped subdue criminals.”

Agencies using Unify are seeing a 50% reduction in transferring phone calls with neighboring agencies, saving an average of 30 seconds to two minutes, enabling faster responses and increased workflow efficiencies to dispatch the closest, best available units to any incident across jurisdictional boundaries. By implementing Unify, South Florida will connect beyond borders to build a safer, smarter and more connected community.

As CentralSquare grows the number of networks using Unify across the country, there will be more opportunities for agencies to employ this technology for information sharing with partner agencies and organizations, such as hospitals, schools or universities, utility companies, roadside services and more – creating fully interoperable communities.

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