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Versaterm launches softphone emergency call handling solution for NG9-1-1 compliance

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The browser-delivered solution supports NG9-1-1’s enhanced data, location accuracy, and interoperability, equipping call handlers with real-time information for efficient emergency response

OTTAWA - Versaterm Public Safety, a global public safety solutions leader, has launched its new softphone solution for emergency call handling, Versaterm Komand911 powered by Komutel. Debuting at the NENA Ontario conference, Komand911 provides a unified platform for operators in Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) and Emergency Communication Centers (ECCs) to streamline call handling and incident information management. The solution supports real-time text and IP call routing, empowering agencies to meet Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) requirements. Komand911 will be available first for public safety agencies in Canada, facilitating their PSAPs and ECCs to transition to an NG9-1-1 environment ahead of the March 2025 deadline.

As a browser-delivered, hardware-agnostic solution, Komand911 allows operators to manage calls from their command center or a remote location for improved work flexibility. The interface includes customizable, 911-specific modules for quick visibility into incident information, real-time text messages, instant replays, a directory of agencies, geolocation maps, and reasons for caller hang-ups. Using NG9-1-1 transfer management, operators can quickly route callers to ambulance, police, and fire services. Additionally, the Komand911 solution provides existing and potential customers with a seamless transition journey for their upcoming softphone considerations.

“The transition to NG9-1-1 will provide emergency call handlers with more accurate location data and real-time situational information to coordinate effective response to their communities,” said Warren Loomis, President & CEO of Versaterm Public Safety. “Our softphone solution helps agencies simplify NG9-1-1 compliance and unify their networks, data, and communications to realize new efficiencies and service excellence levels.”

Versaterm is an active Emergency Services Working Group (ESWG) member and has worked with the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to define and implement the NENA i3 standards for NG9-1-1 infrastructures in Canada.

The new Komand911 solution integrates seamlessly with other products in Versaterm’s public safety ecosystem, including the Versaterm CAD system, the Komlog solution for emergency call recording, the Unanswered Call Management System, and more. To learn more about Versaterm’s emergency call-handling solutions, please visit

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