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[eBook] Rebuilding Officer Resiliency: a Treatment Guide

How law enforcement officers are learning to cope with the effects of trauma and stress


This ebook provides information about the effects of trauma and stress and how to get help

In collaboration with AMU

First responders are often exposed to scenes that can haunt them for years. Unfortunately, most responders have not been prepared to experience such emotional trauma and ongoing stress, so they don’t have the tools or training to help them manage or recover from it. To compound the problem, acknowledging mental health issues remains a major stigma among first responders.

This publication aims to break down barriers and provide information about what is involved with seeking professional help.

In this free guide, you’ll learn:

  • The effects of trauma and stress
  • What to know before starting treatment
  • Leading types of therapy treatments to try
  • How body work and integrated therapies help to bring mind and body back into alignment
  • How secondary trauma can affect others and what you can do to ensure everyone in your circle has the tools to maintain resilience