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EVALS Learning Management System Now Integrates with GoPro Cameras to Train Public Service Professionals Through Video Footage and Analysis

FOLSOM, CA – April 14, 2016 – EVALS today announced the ability for their Learning Management System (LMS), specifically their Digital Evaluations, to enable connectivity with GoPro cameras. This feature gives EVALS’ users an exciting new way to train students, and develop proper techniques for occupational skills.

“Now, with GoPro, we can show the learner, from multiple perspectives, how they can improve their performance,” said James Doyle, one of EVALS Co-Founders. “This has been a huge step forward in teaching specialized and complex, critical psychomotor skills. Both the first-person perspective, and the wide angle of the GoPro camera, give students the ultimate view of what success looks like from the professional example, and also gives them crucial feedback on their own performance, which is necessary to improve their skill execution.”

EVALS’ Digital Evaluations that connect to a GoPro, allow educators and evaluators to control GoPro cameras from within the EVALS APP, and to upload these videos directly into the cloud-based, Digital Evaluation for self-reflection and/or formative evaluation of the learner.

“The GoPro Developer Program was designed to enable companies to create new and important ways for our collective customers to use a GoPro,” said Adam Silver, director of strategic product partnerships at GoPro. “We are excited to see GoPro used to help train the public service professionals that make our communities safer.”

EVALS was developed out of necessity within the fire service to help develop a smarter training tool that pairs educational best practices and neuroscience, with the latest in mobile technology. Starting with the idea that there was a better way to administer training in a more transparent and consistent fashion, the team brought together a wide array of experience in various fields such as, firefighting, EMS, law enforcement, energy, education, construction, and IT. The EVALS team is committed to successful student development, and still consider themselves students in their own respective industries. In addition, they understand the importance of quality instruction as many of them continue to teach. This collaboration of instructors and teachers has helped in developing a tool that benefits students, instructors, administrators, and the organization, which, in turn, benefits the public.

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