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Dr. Thompson’s Peace Stories: Why you need Tactical Communications

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Truly the only area police have no required training is the one area where they get almost all their complaints—talking to people! Talking under pressure or in difficult situations is not a Natural skill, but an ACQUIRED one, which means you need Tactical Communication! VERBAL JUDO is the tactical way to safety and power with people!

Dr. George J. Thompson is the President and Founder of the Verbal Judo Institute, a tactical training and management firm based in Auburn, NY. He has trained more than 500,000 police officers and his Verbal Judo course is required in numerous states. The course has been tailored for Corrections, and all kinds of businesses and other organizations.

Officers sent a robot into a crawlspace and found signs the suspect was burrowed deep underneath a house
Deputy Robert Rensch had originally trained the inmate on how to use the Heimlich maneuver to assist someone when choking
Police were initially called after the woman was sleeping outside a building and refusing requests to leave the property
Deputy Daniel Kin had worked with the Wyandot County Sheriff’s Office for just over a year