Seer Helmets Releases Bluetooth Headset for Motorcycle Officers

Seer Helmets is excited to announce the release of the All New Seer S-8000BT headset for motor officers. The S-8000BT connects wirelessly with the motor officer’s department or personal cell phone. Answer an incoming call, while keeping both hands on the handlebars, with the automatic answer option. The intercom feature allows multiple headsets to communicate at the same time. Multiple mounting brackets quickly and easily connect the headset to all Seer 1/2, 3/4 and modular police helmets. An included universal mount attaches the headset to most motorcycle helmets. The mounting bracket features a quick release baseplate that allows for removal of the Bluetooth® module. The headset also pairs with any Bluetooth® enabled device including mobile phones, music players, and GPS systems using A2DP technology. Contact Seer Helmets for more information on the S-8000BT.

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