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ResQ-Grip® Glove Testing Adds Heroin Resistance

PH&S looks to expand applications for its fentanyl-resistant glove

MINERVA, Ohio — PH&S Products had its ResQ-Grip® premium nitrile examination grade gloves tested for a combination of heroin/fentanyl resistance. Successful heroin/fentanyl-resistance testing provides gloves that can ensure the safety of first responders and healthcare personnel who come in contact with these substances.

“Testing our ResQ-Grip gloves for resistance to a combination of heroin and fentanyl was a deliberate process due to regulatory barriers and requirements,” said Brett Sarbach, General Manager of Summit Glove, parent company of PH&S. “Fortunately, we had the support of Ohio legislators who helped us cut red tape and speed the process. The testing confirms our glove provides protection from accidental exposure to a combination of heroin/fentanyl.”

Akron Rubber Development Laboratory testing showed that a combination of heroin/fentanyl did not permeate ResQ-grip gloves up to 240 minutes of exposure.

“The opioid epidemic is hurting Ohio communities, with Ohioans losing their lives each day,” said Ohio’s US Senator Sherrod Brown. “And now we are hearing more and more stories of nurses and police exposed to fentanyl when responding to overdoses. We must protect our first responders and medical personnel against this deadly drug and I’m proud to know that innovative companies right here in Akron are leading the efforts to protect those on the front lines of the epidemic.”

“I was glad to contact the DEA and help cut red-tape on behalf of PH&S in order to get their product to the market,” said Congressman Bill Johnson of Ohio. “These gloves will be an important tool for our law enforcement and other first responders as they deal with the scourge of fentanyl. It’s vitally important they can safely do their job while protecting themselves.”

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