Lund develops multi-purpose and equipment strorage solution for Ford Police Interceptor Utility Vehicle

The LOFT by Lund is a “patent pending” multi-purpose storage and equipment compartment solution for the Ford Police Interceptor Utility Vehicle and other SUVs. The LOFT fits in the unused “air space” above the window line up to the headliner in the rear quarter of the FPI-U and SUVs.

The LOFT -GV is designed for weapon storage and the LOFT -EC allows electronic component installation. In both LOFT products the storage space used does not take away from the space generally used for gear and equipment. The unique and “patent pending” location of the LOFT fits up near the headliner and is tucked up out of line of sight through the rearview mirror.The LOFT by LUND also provides easy installation and mounting of side facing and rear facing emergency LEDs – eliminating the costly time of installing LEDs on rear hatch gate and on the plastic trim of side windows. There are multiple LED work area and cargo area lighting options available.The LOFT by Lund is available through local installers and distributors.

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