Pro-gard Products Reaches Exclusive Distribution Agreement with SafeStop International, LLC

Broadens Portfolio of Vehicle Safety Equipment with Vehicle Anti-Theft Device

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - Pro-gard Products, LLC, a leading manufacturer and supplier of law enforcement vehicle equipment, announced today that it has signed an agreement to become the exclusive manufacturer and marketer of SafeStop Vehicle Anti-theft Systems. “This agreement brings a much sought-after product to Pro-gard’s growing lineup of vehicle safety products. Furthermore, the partnership combines two trusted and leading brands in the law enforcement industry to better serve our customers in an evolving market”, states Mike Navarro, General Manager at Pro-gard.

Nationwide, police vehicles are frequently stolen while left running unattended, resulting in dangerous chases, damaged vehicles, fatalities and or stolen weapons. SafeStop eliminates this risk. SafeStop is a patented, plug-and-play vehicle anti-theft system that offers hands-free operation and can be left on 24/7. SafeStop is intended for use in a wide range of vehicles, including those in law enforcement; homeland security; government agencies; utilities; delivery services; fire and rescue; and other such markets in which running vehicles may be left unattended.

SafeStop is a superior solution to competing products. “Other anti-theft devices in the market today can be shut off easily if a perpetrator knows where the hidden actuator is located. SafeStop works without such actuator. With SafeStop, simply remove the keys from your running vehicle and the immobilizer system is activated; re-insert the keys and the vehicle resumes normal operations. SafeStop cannot be bypassed by locating an activation switch.” explains Navarro.

Safestop’s patented system also offers integrated safety features that can help ensure protection of expensive and dangerous equipment, such as weapons. Added safety features can override trunk and weapon lock access in the absence of the ignition key. “As long as the system is activated and the ignition key is removed,” adds Navarro, “this anti-theft system eliminates worries that a weapon can be removed from the vehicle in the officer’s absence.”

For more information about SafeStop vehicle anti-theft devices, please visit or or call 1-800-480-6680.

About Pro-gard Products LLC
Pro-gard Products LLC was founded in 1968 and based in Indianapolis, Indiana, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative and dependable law enforcement vehicle equipment, including vehicle prisoner partitions, gun racks, ballistic door panels, airbag control switches, ABS seats, cargo cabinets, push bumpers, window armor, organizers, ballistic ticket boards, and skid plates. Its employees take pride in the craftsmanship and quality that goes into making Pro-gard’s products the safest and most reliable in the industry. Pro-gard offers its products throughout the United States and overseas. Pro-gard is capable of providing everything its customers need to protect themselves and their vehicle from the uncertainties that happen each and every day. For more information about Pro-gard, and why more and more law enforcement agencies are turning to the Company each year for protection equipment, please visit or call 1-800-480-6680.

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