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IMI Systems expands small-caliber ammunition sales

The company is expanding its commercial sales to more retailers across the nation

By Police1 Staff

IMI Systems is expanding its commercial sales in the United States.

With over 300 million firearms legally owned by American citizens, the company has responded to demands for more ammunition, according to a press release. IMI will be offering small caliber ammunition for sports and recreational shooting.

The small-caliber ammunition types are based on products originally developed for military use.

The three calibers the company will release are the 9mm DiCut, JHP for self-defense and special forces, the 5.56, 77gr OTM, RazorCore for snipers and special forces, and the 338, 250gr OTM, Razor Core for long range snipers.

IMI’s ammunition types like ‘Razor Core,’ ‘Di-Cut’ and Long Range Match have been used by special ops units around the world.

They will be available in stores and online.

For more information, visit the company’s website.