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Product Brief

By reducing weight, constriction and pressure points, the vest is designed for natural movement
The device incorporates wireless connectivity for monitoring and tracking threats in real-time
The two-in-one jacket is for LEOs and fire/EMS professionals on the go
The washable shirt can go under a uniform or vest
The new products include pocketknives and gloves that are made especially for first responders
The mounts feature a precision machined footprint for a Trijicon RMR reflex sight
The new Truckee Forends for The Remington 870 shotgun come in 7.5-inch, 9-inch and 10.5-inch lengths
Check out the GOSAFE Mobile Safe and GOSAFE Mobile Mag at this year’s SHOT SHOW in Las Vegas
The new app, which is compatible with Android and iOS devices, includes enhancements to the heads-up display, as well as new modes and features
The V-XR offers three modes: Educate, experience and engage; each mode delivers transferable information on multiple topics for comprehensive training
Remote pilots can initiate Skydio X10 drone flights ready for launch by local agencies or take control of missions in progress from anywhere via web browser
The V7000 camera integrates with Motorola Solutions’ command center, in-car video and radio solutions to offer agencies enhanced awareness before, during and after an incident
The Axon Body 4 has features focused on wearer location, improved communication and sharper picture image
The drone is designed to de-escalate conflict and improve public safety
The company received feedback from officers when developing the shield to meet real-world requirements for routine deployment
The TASER 10 creates more distance for officers to de-escalate and resolve conflicts
The 2000 lumen light features a panoramic beam for situational awareness and Turbo-Strobe technology to aid in disorienting potential suspects
The SCS-MP2-GR attaches to the gun’s slide and uses a solar charging system with multi-directional light sensors to automatically adjust brightness
The technology detects, analyzes and securely stores vehicle identification data
The lightweight kit features necessary medical components in a compact, rugged shell
The mount will work for any steel target system that uses a 2x4 wooden post
The upgraded platform can hold up to four officers and can reach as high as three stories
Effective at up to 150 feet, the carbine can be used for daily patrol and tactical situations
The #301 Vehicle Dual Seat Back Locking RMP Package is $2,000 fully assembled
The Taker B52 is a retrofittable, front-mounted 2,000 lumen LED light for ballistic shields
The two companies will provide simulation training systems and live-fire shooting ranges
QuikTurn 360 and QuikTurn 90 Turning Target Systems can be configured to enhance the live-fire training experience
The company says it aims to help agencies more efficiently separate the good apples from the bad
The SF-35 Pro is built with an actual Sig Sauer frame and features a shot counter for greater realism