PRESS RELEASE Launches World’s First CRU Bullet Proof Uniform

Salt Lake City, UT -- Today,, owned by VSQ, LLC, is announcing the product launch of the world’s first ballistic and shrapnel resistant Combat Ready Uniform™ (CRU). Designed by a U.S. military veteran and brought forth by a team of industry professionals, the new ballistic-resistant battle dress uniform will provide U.S. and allied soldiers a level of personal ballistic protection never before available. “This life saving technology will also be available in customizable models for Police Officers, Swat Teams, Bomb Technicians, and Civilian style options which is very exciting,” says Scott Van Der Veer, President of The e-commerce website is the Charter Dealer for Amendment II based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Scott will be offering these products for sale on his website and talking with Police Chiefs in North Carolina where he is the Amendment II dealer representative for North Carolina. Although the uniform consists of an upper and lower garment, the foundation of the uniform is the lower body armor, which helps shield the large femoral arteries in the soldiers’ legs from being severed.

The femoral arteries are critical to blood supply and, if severely wounded beyond the ballistic-resistant properties of the CRU, several built-in tourniquets combat this important backup measure and are strategically located in both the upper and lower garments. The company says there is no other uniform in existence that has this level of defense for the day-to-day combat soldier.

After ten years of research and development, Amendment II has worked through technological hurdles and improvements, patented product innovations and development says Richard G. Craig, the Founder and CEO of Amendment II, to bring forth this incredible new life saving product to the marketplace. The CRU Guardian with its combination of ballistic resistant fibers has been tested beyond the standards of Level II body armor per the requirements of the National Institute of Justice.

Recent testing with news cameras rolling, the pants were shot with 9mm, .40 caliber, and .45 caliber shots from only 15 feet away. The test showed that not one bullet round penetrated even the first layer of protective fiber on the uniform. Amendment II also brought in John Wester, the Command Chief Warrant Officer of the 19th Special Forces of the Utah National Guard, which provided the ammunition and weapons used for the test. He said that he was very excited to take some of these uniforms with him on his next deployment to Iraq.

Many professionals in the industry and military have already expressed the value of utilizing this new line of body armor not only for soldiers, but also for Police officers, Swat teams, Bomb technicians and undercover civilian models. Military commanders believe Amendment II’s CRU will enable soldiers to have more defenses against shrapnel from IEDs that are injuring and killing them. There have been a significant number of battlefield casualties in recent years which have resulted from a femoral artery wounds from small arms fire or shrapnel from grenades and IEDs.

The CRU ballistic resistant pants provide protection to the groin and the vital femoral artery, which would help prevent such deaths. In case of a severe leg injury that results in heavy bleeding, the CRU body armor’s built-in, rapid-deploying tourniquet system will stop it. This feature alone is a major step forward in saving soldiers life’s on the battle field when every minute counts when suffering a serious leg injury.

“The feed back from the private security industry has been fantastic," says Scott. “Not only can these uniforms be custom designed for each individual person , Amendment II also has the ability to incorporate this ballistic technology into existing uniforms or regular clothing giving both the body guard and the client the protection they require with total discretion”.

Scott says that local agencies can now have the opportunity to invest in these incredible bullet-resistant uniform for their officers. This CRU Guardian uniform will incorporate Genesis pockets which employ a thigh mounted customizable cargo pocket that will allow many different options of specialty components that can be fixed inside the pocket, such as different size holsters for right or left handed officers. The exoskeleton support system allows the user to carry up to 100 lbs. in each genesis pocket without being lose or cumbersome. These pants also allow the user to move and be comfortable doing all the things they normally would do in their day to day duties.

We will continue to research, locate and suppy you with the worlds best bullet proof vest and body armor products along with our tacticle gear, night vision equipment and holsters. Your life and the lives of the people you protect deserve the best protection available, and that is what we will continue to provide for you. For further information please contact Scott Van Der Veer at or 828.242.6765.

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