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3 gun truths you can’t handle

You cannot out-shoot your firearm…


This article originally appeared on The Firearm Blog.

When it comes to shooting firearms we can all be a little boastful at times - whether it’s in our shooting prowess, our rifle’s superb craftsmanship, or our vivid imaginations. Being a gun store manager, I come across all types of individuals and skill levels. Some people request to buy all the firearms they see in their video games. Others unassumingly believe that machine guns are abundantly available.

“Why are they not in stock at Wal-Mart?”

Some concepts are harder to grasp and are unspoken. Well, I am going to air out those ideas because too many people state them as facts when they really are a matter of opinion. Here are three profound gun truths.

“You can’t handle the truth!” – Col. Nathan Jessup (Jack Nicholson) from “A Few Good Men”

1. You can’t out-shoot your firearm
I will preface this statement by saying 98 percent of people cannot out-shoot their own firearm. Hard to believe, but it’s true. Some people trade in firearms to their gun dealer proclaiming, “This thing is junk!” But for some reason the next guy that buys it thinks it is a wonder gun. If a gun from the factory can shoot one MOA, is not mechanically defective, and you’re unable to shoot one MOA, then it’s not the gun, it’s you. And you cannot blame the wind or the sun or your buddies laughing in the background. The gun is capable, but are you? Scary thought, I know. Sometimes it can be as simple as you need to try different ammo, practice more, or skip slamming three Red Bulls before you go zero it in.

I can swallow my ego and tell you that my first shot on my M1 Garand sucks every time. Why? Because I suck at shooting rifles chambered in .30-06 SPRG. Every shot after the first I simmer down, man up, and shoot well. I pride myself in saying I am good at shooting firearms, but I will also never say I shoot better than the firearm itself. I am still trying to get on that God-like level of shooting that people like Jerry Miculek frequent.

You cannot out-shoot your firearm… unless you are like Jerry Miculek.

2. Optics matter more than the gun
There is a beautiful truth in the statement: “You can’t hit what you can’t see.” I see a lot of older shooters be tight with their money on guns, but empty their wallets on optics. There is a reason for this. In their many years of shooting, they have learned something. You can take a cruddy rifle, put some good glass on it, and ring gongs all day long. Yes, expensive firearms do shoot better, but why is that? Did you put a Nightforce on that expensive rifle? Does your AR-15 have a Trijicon ACOG or an EO Tech with a magnifier? How well could you shoot with just the firearm? The accuracy from your shooting is undoubtedly derived from the firearm, but if you cannot see your target or need to use only your naked eye, life gets tough. I am not advocating buying a driftwood firearm and putting a Lamborghini optic on it. Instead, buy whatever firearm your heart desires and then do not short-change your choice in optics.

Optics matter.

3. Carrying a gun is not always going to be comfortable, but it should always be comforting
You may have heard this cliche saying before, but surprise, surprise, it’s true. Many first-time concealed carry purchasers have an irrational idea that wearing a holster is… heavenly. I wish that were true. When you choose a firearm and holster, it’s a combination of compromise between convenience, comfort, and impactfulness. We all want a firearm with enough knockdown to protect ourselves. We all want it to be comfortable when we carry. We all want it to be convenient if the need to draw our sidearm were to arise. The fact of the matter is it may be uncomfortable to carry. On the flip side, it should be comforting knowing you are able to protect your life, the lives of your family, and those in your community around you.

Carrying a firearm may not be comfortable, but you should take solace in knowing that you can protect yourself.

Does anybody feel profoundly moved? About as much as when someone tries to sway you politically, I am sure. I hope you took these truths light-heartedly, and if you do not agree, hopefully you can see a different perspective.

Now back to figuring out why my pistol can’t shoot and it’s totally not my fault…

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