P1 Poll results: What do you think about your police sidearm?

Officers weigh in on what handguns their agency uses and how much wiggle room is left in policies for caliber and customizations

By Police1 Staff

This week we're talking about every cop's favorite piece of gear: their sidearm. What do you have? What do you like? What are your go-to aftermarket accessories to customize your firearm? 

We asked, and 5,970 respondents voted. Take a look at the top responses and add your thoughts in the comments section below.

1. Which of the following duty pistol are issued by your department?

The ‘most used pistol on-duty award’ goes to Glock, and it was not a close race. As you can see, Glocks make up over 68 percent of the sidearms used by surveyors; 4,066 of them to be exact. Sig Sauer and Smith and Wesson ran a much tighter race at 23 percent and 18 percent respectively. (Values don’t add up to 100 because surveyors could check all answers that applied).

Surveyors also had the option of adding responses other than the ones listed above. The most commonly named manufacturers were Kimber and Springfield, as well as a few Heckler and Koch.

The most surprising response made up about one-third of answers in the ‘Other’ option, and that was that the department doesn’t issue a sidearm, leaving the decision entirely up to the officer. (What?!)

2. Do officers have a say in caliber and model options or is that decision made by command staff?

It appears the caliber choice for most is left entirely up to the upper brass – less than 15 percent claimed the decision is made by officers and 12 percent  said caliber options is open for discussion.

3. If you did (or do) decide what duty pistol to use, what is your top pick?

Considering Glock was the front runner for most used on-duty pistol, it’s a good thing it’s also the most preferred. Over 60 percent voted Glock as their first choice, with Sig Sauer trailing behind at 21 percent.

Most of those who chose to write in their top choice picked Springfield Armory, Kimber, and Colt.

4. How often do you replace/ upgrade your sidearms?

 Hopefully you like what you’ve got, because according to most survey-takers (49 percent), guns are upgraded every 10 years or more.

5. Does your agency’s policy allow you to customize your sidearm? If yes, what customizations do you make to your sidearm?  

Over 64% of those polled claim that they can customize their firearms, and it seems every customizable option is favorable. Lights were of course the most popular add-on, followed closely behind by grips and sights. Poll takers also said they preferred adding custom triggers, slide releases, mag extensions, and ambi-safeties. 

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