SHOT Show 2016: Bix'n Andy's Remington 700 trigger system and

I stopped by and spoke with the owner in regards to the new Bix'n Andy Remington 700 replacement trigger system and some other top quality products

I am pretty immune to hype about new products and mythical, mostly intangible benefits derived from exotic machining, fancy coatings or questionable features that don’t do anything that couldn’t be done with another product already in production. However, I stopped by and spoke at length with the owner, Chris Harris, in regards to the new Bix’n Andy Remington 700 replacement trigger systems they are importing to the US and some other top quality products they are repping.

Chris is a world-ranked benchrest shooter, has been on the U.S. Team in the World Benchrest Championships, and competed in many other competitions. He is not just a sales rep; he is a knowledgeable top end shooter.

Those in the precision rifle community are familiar with Jewell Triggers, Timney’s Calvin Elite triggers, and other systems that improve on the quality of the Remington 700 trigger. They are very nice triggers. In fact, Jewell Triggers are regarded as one of the best to go on a Remington 700.

The Bix’n Andy trigger is simply one of the finest triggers I have ever encountered for a Remington 700.
The Bix’n Andy trigger is simply one of the finest triggers I have ever encountered for a Remington 700. (Bix’n Andy Image)

Until now.

The Bix’n Andy trigger is simply one of the finest triggers I have ever encountered for a Remington 700. Operating on a two ball bearing system as well as ultra-smooth and precise parts, it maintains a consistent pull that never changes from shot to shot. The benchrest triggers can be set safely under an ounce and they will hold that setting - not that you would want that in a duty precision rifle or for hunting. What is outstanding is that the trigger can be set precisely for pull weight and gives the best trigger press I have ever experienced. Super smooth, precise let off time and time again.

It is available in single stage and two stage designs with or without a safety, depending on use. Some Precision Rifle Series competitors are experimenting with it in matches to see how it holds up in rough environmental conditions. So far, good results as the trigger is contained in an aluminum housing that helps control access by dirt or water.

The two stage trigger is a work of art. Each stage can be individually set according to shooter preference and the trigger itself can be moved back and forth on the housing to adjust for finger placement preference.

I asked if they could produce a two stage, “duty” or “hunting” trigger that could have a combined pull weight of three pounds but be able to set the stages as the shooter prefers. Chris said he will check with Bix’n Andy and see but he did not see a problem doing it. If they make it so, welcome to a whole new level of performance for precision/tactical shooting. also has BAT actions in stock as well as other products for the precision rifle shooter.

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