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15 changes cops think will improve agencies in 2015

The first step is thinking about what changes you want; the second is discovering how to make them happen

Staff increases, pay increases, and essential equipment like ECDs, radios and patrol cars dominated the comments section of our Facebook page when we asked our fans what feasible changes could be made in their departments in the coming year that would improve their agency and their experience as a member of that agency. Now ask yourself: is that change possible? What are the steps you and your command staff would have to make in order to move closer to your goals?

Check out the post and the top 15 answers below. Have more suggestions for department upgrades? Add them to the comments section.

1. Require command staff to run a squad at least one week per month and answer calls. — Bull Whacker

2. I would like to see an inter-agency Crisis Management Team in each district that incorporates first responders from multi-disciplinary venues, such as police, fire, paramedics, ER doctors and nurses; and provide defusing and debriefing services routinely to help cut down on the incidence of PTSD among first responders. Cody Ann Cook

3. Double our ranks and assign two cops per car. Driving one man cars is dangerous for cops, citizens, and careers. Jacob Swigger

4. Younger, fresher views in management. Get rid of the antiquated policies that hold us back from being a progressive department. Anything to boost morale in an already poor environment. Ken Wiedenbauer

5. Training, Training, Training. Departments need to prepare their administration, supervisors, officers, officers’ families and the public in their communities to prevent situations like the aftermath of Ferguson and NYC. We all train for active shooter, DUI, motor vehicle stop tactics, etc.....but no training exists on how to handle a tragic loss of life due to a use of force incident. [such as] proper and sensible scene securement, community relations, officer preparation during the investigation, etc. Glenn Terlecki

6. There are positions open [in my agency] for promotions to Commander and Deputy Chief. I would like to see them filled by qualified candidates that deserve the promotions. It is a time to reward those that work hard to get promoted and take on the added responsibilities and a great time for the department to celebrate achievements and increase morale. Walter Trillhaase

7. More civilian outreaches. Connect with the people you are serving. Let them know law enforcement is not a separate entity from the community nor on a pedestal. - Chris Dalton

8. Radios that belong in 2015 and not 1982. JN Gross

9. More training hours for defensive tactics! Enrique Rodriguez

10. I would like to see Senior Officers utilized more for their knowledge and experience. Instead of people just retiring and then forgotten. We lose so much knowledge and they have valuable experience that new recruits will never get passed on to them. Tracey Mitchell

11. More officers and body cameras to protect police. Nothing better than having someone red in the face crying their BS story and hitting play on a video. Mike Larery

12. Implementing a physical fitness standard (and sticking to it) Justin Foraker

13. Outlaw Nepotism! In no way shape or form should a husband and wife be in the same district or a supervisor over the other. Even if “protocols” are established so complaints go to the next higher level supervisor. Steve Francisko

14. Better tactile armor for K-9s. Michael Conquet

15. I would like to see more opportunities for “ride-alongs” for the general public so they can see we are not the racist thug gestapo a*holes they think we are. They get one-to-one face time with the officer and can ask whatever questions they want. Greg Orcutt

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